About Me

My father was a commercial artist and my mother was a poet. Both of them loved classical music and opera so it is not at all surprising that I should grow up with a keen awareness of all things beautiful. Often I would walk with my mother to the library, passing white wrought iron fences and sparkling pink stoops. My mother was beautiful and I was proud and happy to be walking with her.

Mischievous Little Pear with his shaved head and single braided pigtail was one of my earliest library discoveries. But Little Pear was more than a character in a book. Little Pear was my friend. He taught me that the world was vast and strange but that no matter how different people looked or how varied our lives, inside we were each the same.

Even at four years old, I didn’t think that anything could be more wonderful than writing books! I became a teacher but throughout my life I wrote poems and stories, first for my younger brother and sister, then for my students, and eventually for my own children. I had a number of articles published in local papers but it wasn’t until 2003 that my first books were published.

The little girl from the library still exists inside me. I’m lucky to be spending my time doing what I love. I haven’t forgotten what Little Pear taught me. The world is vast and strange. We may look and act differently but in our hearts we are all the same.


How to be a Writer



Being published doesn't make you a writer. I was a writer long before I was published.



Be curious! Ask  questions! Hold onto your dreams and believe in yourself!



Everyone has a story. Everyone has dreams. Be kind and listen.