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Mother - May - I ?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

When I was a child spring meant jump rope and stoop ball, Red-Light, Green-Light and Mother-May-I. Summer meant endless days of cloud watching and waiting for the Good Humor man to ring by on his bicycle. Fall brought leaf-crunching in brand new hush puppies and corduroy jackets - and winter – well, winter was the best season of all. Winter brought birthdays and holidays.

    Eventually stoops were replaced by curbs without sidewalks and an ice-cream truck instead of a bicycle. Like a swiftly spinning top, the seasons hurried by. Summer greens swirled with orange and brown; in a fleeting moment, winter white melted into sunshine, then turned green again.

    I’m not sure anyone plays Red-Light, Green-Light or Mother-May-I anymore, but after a hesitant start, spring has finally arrived. For a few quick turns, the world is drenched in yellow. Forsythia, daffodils, and fields of brightly dressed dandelions call for us to come out and play... Mother May I ? Yes you may!!!!!!!!