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My Message in a Bottle

Monday, January 28, 2013

A little late, but just under the January wire with Phase One of my New Year’s resolution: blog more often. Phase Two will be to actually let people know that I actually have a blog on a website (as well as an author facebook page). Self-promotion is not one of my stronger suits though a well-known and well-respected author once warned that if I didn’t promote myself, no one else would either. I guess she was right, but I prefer the message in a bottle approach.

For me, writing - whether writing a story or a poem - or posting a status update or a blog entry - is like putting a message in a bottle and setting the bottle adrift in the ocean. Some bottles get battered by waves or buried in the sand. Others get tangled in seaweed or stuck between slick jagged rocks. Some might even sink, eventually becoming home to all sorts of tiny, briny creatures. But then, there is always the magnificent chance that the message I send out is discovered. That someone reads my words and recognizes the quiet truth: even the most simple posting is my humble attempt to reach beyond the shelter of my solitary pond.

This year, I’m going to bravely set more bottles adrift. I’m even going to tug a few sleeves to tell people that my messages are out there. If one of them reaches you, and you are kind enough to read it, accept my gratitude!