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I pull my hood up and wait for darkness, stuffing a crushed granola bar in my mouth for dinner. I'll spend the night in my tree and walk to the train station in the morning. It’s already December but the air is still warm as spring. A million stars twinkle in the blackness. When I was little I thought heaven was on the other side of the stars. I thought if I could climb the tallest tree and grab the lowest star, I could swing myself up and climb into heaven.

Then I learned how big the universe is. There are hundreds of stars we don't even see. Maybe other universes too. I could travel in space forever and still not reach heaven.

It doesn't matter. Even if I could climb the closest star, I’d stay tucked right here. Right here in my favorite tree. Making sure everything I love stays the same.

from Someberries & Pearls (unpublished)