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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WOW! Almost a a year since I’ve posted anything new! What a busy year its been...

I’ve visited lots of schools and made quite a few friends along the way. Most memorable was my trip to Mattoon Middle School in Mattoon Illinois where All the Broken Pieces was chosen as a community read. I was so excited ~ imagine an entire community embracing my friend Matt! Check out my facebook page and you can see some of the artistic interpretations the Mattoon kids created for a door contest. Amazing!

Though I seldom post, I do write every day (almost). I’ve been working with my editor on the poetry novel that I first sent out last June and have also been working on an historical fiction picture book. The research and some of the writing is done, but it still needs lots of attention. I did complete a fairytale that was fun to write. With just a bit more polish, The Selfish Princess will soon be ready to present to the world (or at least to my editor ;)

I’m so lucky to be spending my days doing what I have always loved to do. Even when I’m not at my desk writing, I’m gathering colors and experiences, images and insights, thoughts and words.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ I hope your gathering days are as lovely as mine!