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Monday, May 2, 2011

I wrote this poem in September, 2003. Today seems like a good time to post.

Two years later.
The horror is still
too huge, too hideous to comprehend,
gaping, unspeakable.

And the sadness,
an incredible, indelible sadness
wedges itself into every crevice,
every crater of my heart –

memory, hope, justice, love,
nothing is untainted –

The horror and the sadness
like two towering,
manmade monoliths -
testimony to your hate.

The smallest drop of human blood,
a single tear,
would leave me desolate.
But not you.

Two years later,
you still send epistles of hate;
you still aim
arrows of death.

Have you never seen a flower?
Did the circle around the moon
never press against your heart
so that you ached with the beauty
of all things human?

You are my brother.
How can that be?
I do not know you,
I cannot understand.