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                                                  ‘n   splosSH
                                     april rains words
jump in!


April is National Poetry Month. I’m often asked why I chose to write All the Broken Pieces as a poetry novel.  One editor even requested I rewrite it as a traditional novel. I tried, but Matt’s voice was lost in the mundane details that anchored him in time and place. The novel was colorless and cumbersome.

Sometimes an artist chooses to work in charcoal.  Sometimes pastels or vibrant acrylics or oils. Some artists render detailed, realistic illustrations. Some prefer the abstract. There are dozens of choices in between. A photographer who chooses black and white film will still be able to capture important details, but the intensity and mood will be different. Content often determines form.

The effect of poetry is undiluted and immediate. This month, I’d like to offer my gratitude to authors who explore this often misunderstood and undervalued medium. You inspire me.  There should be a designated award for your sublime endeavors.